Creative Workspace


Do you ever feel like you just can’t get any work done? You hop from one coffee shop to another and before you know it you’re over-caffeinated and out ten bucks with no homework done. Or, you think you can multi-task watching Netflix on the couch while doing that Bio quiz but the only accomplishment is finishing thirteen episodes of a TV show you’ve already seen. Whether you live on or off-campus, it can be hard to focus on your schoolwork.

Creating a space specifically designed and designated for work will help you focus and actually finish your homework ahead of time instead of those last minute library runs before class. They don’t have to be a boring desk in the corner of your room- they can be fun and inviting! Re-vamp your desk if you already have one or create one from scratch, but start your own space today. Make this area of your apartment work for you based on how you work best! It’s totally customizable.

Keep it organized but not stiff. Cluttered spaces are rarely conducive to productivity, but it’s also important to avoid creating a stiff space that feels too sterile. Creativity thrives in relaxed spaces.

Think of a light and airy aesthetic– clean lines, bright colors and pastels or white and black- bring in a plant! This is a soothing environment for your brain, which creates a calm and inviting space to focus on your work. Decorate the walls and make the workspace your own. Surround yourself with items that inspire you. If possible, set your station up near a window; sunlight energizes you and tricks your brain into working. Studies from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine show a link between sunlight and productivity,

“Compared to the group with no windows, workers with windows in the workplace had 173% more white light exposure during the workday and slept an average of 47 minutes more per night. There was also a trend for workers with windows to have more activity and higher sleep efficiency than those without windows.”


Think about adding an oil diffuser. Essential oils have a great impact on your mental health and can bring peace and lower your stress. Citrus and peppermint oils are known to reduce fatigue and boosting motivation and energy!

Make sure this space is comfortable, inviting, and inspiring. If you have a work area that keeps you focused and motivates you to do your best, you’ll never be tempted to go all over town for a place to do your homework. Have fun creating your own workspace! Do whatever works best for you and study on!


Creative Workspace

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