You Don’t Always Have to Say ‘Yes’

Do you ever feel like you agree to too many things? If so, chances are, you feel stretched thin and exhausted. When you have too many things on your plate and most of them all for other people, your own mental health can sometimes take a backseat. Agreeing to everything can be dangerous. Putting others before ourselves for too long can be detrimental to your personal growth.

Once you realize you can be a people pleaser and still put yourself first, you’re on track to becoming the best you that you can possibly be! Learning when and how to say no can be a valuable skill to have, especially as you enter adulthood.

Before you say no, be honest with yourself and figure out if this thing is really something you actually want to do. Sometimes that answer isn’t always clear.

If you do want to say yes then go for it! Do it and have fun and don’t let anything worry you.

If you’re not feeling it, just be honest with that person. Chances are, you won’t hurt their feelings. Even if you do hurt their feelings, your feelings matter too. If that person is your friend and cares about, you they should understand. By saying no, you aren’t being mean. If you’re nice about the way you decline an offer then you shouldn’t have anything to feel bad about. If you just want to chill at your student apartment then, do it!

You should remember that just because you turn down this person’s request it doesn’t mean you’re turning them down. Saying no doesn’t mean never.

If you absolutely cannot say no but you really don’t want to, maybe consider compromising. If your friends want you to go out with them and you really feel like you need to, try telling them you’ll go but you want to be home by a certain time.

Obligations are just that- they are obligatory. Signing up for too many of them unnecessarily is just asking for stress. Pick and choose what means the most to you and what you get the most out of. Taking care of yourself comes in many different forms. No, you’re not getting in some cardio but giving yourself a break and doing what you really want to do is just as healthy.

You Don’t Always Have to Say ‘Yes’

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