Spring Cleaning

I know spring-cleaning sounds like something your mom or dad does and it was probably something that made you roll your eyes when they asked you to vacuum your room (“and make sure you get under things, not just around them!”). It is also possible that a lot of you never had the foggiest idea about it and you’ve never even lifted a broom- that’s okay too. Spring-cleaning in your college years is beneficial for so many reasons and it’s never too early to give it a go.

If you’re anything like me, things get piled up and cluttered up and stuck all the way up in that closet until you forgot you even have it. Holding on to sentimental items is fine until you run out of space to put the new stuff. If this is all sounding very metaphorical to you then that’s just an added bonus because I’m talking about emotional stuff too. Spring-cleaning your student apartment can be a mental thing as well as a physical thing.

Start with the simple stuff like taking out the trash and washing dishes and washing clothes. It’s best to start this as early as possible to get the most done. Also, this way, if you give up halfway through you still have clean clothes and a pretty clean apartment!

Next, tackle the closet. You don’t have to get too crazy and re-do your whole wardrobe, but at least pick out a few things you can afford to get rid of. You’ll really notice the extra space when you lose a few t-shirts from middle school.

Another good place to start is mopping the floors. Nobody hates this more than I do, but I do love it once its done. Just go buy a $20 Swiffer and do the best you can, it doesn’t have to be too painful. Dust the living room and all the nooks and crannies you avoided that one time you decided to clean.

My last bit of advice is to also clean your car out if you have one but after all of this you might want to save that for later.

Your new student apartment is your space. It’s off-campus and away from the stresses of school, so why not keep the dirt and clutter to a minimum? This is also great advice for people who don’t exactly clean very often. Having one day a year that you go all out and start fresh will help keep things feeling fresh. A clean slate is one of the best feelings in the world and it can do wonders for your stress levels. A good Spring-cleaning before the Spring semester or right after the stress of midterms can make a world of difference in your studies.

Spring Cleaning

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