Time to break out those mats they had you sleep on in Kindergarten. Napping isn’t just for kids. Studies show that getting a quick nap in can improve your mood and brain function! We all know that feeling, your eyes feel itchy and burn a little and you feel like you’re dragging. Taking a nap is like pressing the restart button on your brain; everything gets a break and a chance to start again.

10 to 20 minutes is a good quick way to give your brain a rest. This won’t put you into a deep slumber and do too terribly much, but it’s better than nothing. 30-minute naps will be harder to come back out of, but can be a bit more helpful in making you feel rested. 60-minute naps are also hard to shake the grogginess when you have to wake up, but it helps the most with memory. Anything longer than that and you should seriously evaluate what time you’re going to bed and how you can fit more sleep into your nights.

If napping isn’t a normal thing for you already then, you’ll probably read this and never try it.

For the people who say they can’t fall asleep during the day- just rest your eyes and give your mind a break from all the things you must do.

For the people who say naps make it worse because they can’t keep sleeping- you’re probably one of those people who need more sleep at night, but you should still try resting your eyes or meditation. If you do fall asleep, run cold water over your face and drink some water to shake the grogginess.

For the people who say they don’t have time- make time or at least try to get more sleep at night. Maybe you’re one of those 10 to 20-minute nappers!

Napping isn’t lazy and it isn’t impossible! Take advantage of your off-campus student apartment being so close to campus! You can fit a nap in and make it to class feeling at least a little bit more refreshed and ready to take in that information for finals. You might even be awake enough to grab some participation points!



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