Missing Home

Moving away to your new apartment for college can be a lot of different experiences for different people but one of the most common anxieties and stressors you’ll find around campus (that no-one really talks about) is missing home. There is absolutely no shame in missing your family. If you need to call your mom and sob sometimes then you do it. And you know what? Missing them does not make you any less of an adult.

Call home at least once a week. This will probably make your family just as happy, if not more. They miss you too!

Set up a time to video chat! Seeing their faces will make you feel calmer. You’ll still miss them a bunch, but you’ll feel better. If you’re an iPhone person and your parents are Android people, try Google Duo. It’s a great video app!

Snail mail! Send your family little pieces of your new world! Send them a post card or a little souvenir! More than likely they’ll send you little notes and packages too. There’s just something about sending real mail that makes things a little more special.

Set up pictures of them around your student apartment! Just a few pictures on your refrigerator will help you feel closer to them. If you’re feeling really fancy, check out Fracture, a start-up out in Gainesville, Florida, that prints out your photos on glass.

Missing home doesn’t have to set you back in your studies or become a burden on your new life in college! There are always ways of connecting with people you don’t get to see every day.

Missing Home

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