Go Local in Louisville, Kentucky!

In a city like Louisville, home to Yum Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut), it can be easy to overlook the small, privately owned businesses that live right under our noses. Nothing is more convenient than ordering a large pizza to your off campus apartment!

We love these locally owned places when we stumble upon them- and even seek them out when we go on vacation! We want something cute and local when we go out of town but tend to ignore the same mom and pop stores in our own town! Buying from local businesses means more money for the community and that makes for a better, more vibrant town. You are your community. Support yourself!

If you’re a first-year student and you just moved into your apartment in Louisville, you might not know what’s around you. Do be afraid to ask what’s around! Third and fourth year students know the city pretty well. You’re in an exciting place in your life and you should get out there and explore!

If you’re into music, you should check out Matt Anthony’s Record Shop owned by Louisville’s own WFPK Radio Host. Before the owner opened up this shop he had another long time Louisville favorite record shop called ear x-tacy. This shop is about as local as it gets!

If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite to eat with friends or family, look into Louisville’s “Germantown” neighborhood for a place called HammerHeads (About 3 miles away from The Retreat at Louisville apartments). This place serves up modern pub grub, is locally owned and run, and is definitely a hidden gem of the city!

Find a local coffee shop instead of a chain to get your homework done! Check out Heine Brothers’ Coffee– although they’re a chain, they originated from Louisville, Kentucky and have been serving locals coffee since 1994! Submersing yourself into a place’s culture and history makes you feel like you’re making the most out of your experiences.

Go Local in Louisville, Kentucky!

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