The Province Takes on Exam Week

The Province in Boulder, CO offered their residents advice and goodies to help them get through the stress of finals week.  Final survival kits, complete with snacks, caffeine and pens, were available to residents.  They also shared some helpful tips on getting through finals week.

Here are six ways to improve your performance during finals week:

1. verify the details – know when and where your final exams will take place so that you aren’t scrambling the morning of.

2. get some sleep – fatigued brains do not retain information, nor do they recall it well! stick to a reasonable sleep schedule.

3. stay active – exercise boots blood flow to the brain, and sitting in one place for an extended period of time can lead to a tired, ill-supplied mind.

4. eat well – during finals week, you may be tempted to eat and drink whatever items are most convenient. quick calories of processed carbs will ultimately leave you hungry. eat foods that are digested slowly, and before a final, be sure to eat a meat that is high in protein!

5. experiment with different methods of studying – work on an individual subject for an hour or two, and then switch. review for each subject during more than one block of time! your retention will increase and the repetition will help set it in your memory.

6. silence your social media accounts – use social media as a reward, not a distraction. check your accounts during your down time or study breaks. Visit for more information


The Province Takes on Exam Week

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