National Stress Awareness Day

Campus Lodge in Gainesville, FL raised awareness on how to reduce and cope with stress during National Stress Awareness Day.  They shared 5 tips on managing stress from the Mayo Clinic:

  • Get Active! Finding the time to exercise can be hard with a busy schedule, but exercise allows for focus, the release of good endorphins, and helps put you in a better mood! If you have a busy schedule, the Campus Lodge Fitness Center is open 24 hours for residents, so let’s get moving together!
  • Healthy Diet! Avoid looking for the high-sugar energy drinks or the greasy food that will make you feel tired later. Try incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your diet. Located right next to the Williston Plaza, Publix has great deals on fruits and vegetables, and especially whole grain products on BOGO.
  • Meditate! Meditation can instill a sense of calm, peace and balance. Often times, the minds of students can be clouded with the stresses of daily life, and meditation can be done anywhere. Being the first stop on the bus routes, try guided meditation, guided imagery, visualization or any other forms of meditation while on the bus, walking around outside, or even on your patio.
  • Laugh More! We love to have fun at Campus Lodge and we know the importance of a good laugh. Laughter is able to cause positive physical changes in your body, lighten your mental load, and while laughing you get fired up in order for your body to cool down your stress response. You can always come by our office for a smile and a good joke, or watch a comedy while hanging out with friends.
  • Connect with Others! Social contact can provide support as well as help tolerate the ups and downs of life. So, come check out or new coffee bar, talk to a relative, or visit the Sweetwater Branch Nature Reserve located just up Williston Road with a friend!

And to cap off their stress management day, residents made their own emoji stress balls.  14925544_10157746423865271_4176572804276565308_n

National Stress Awareness Day

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