Finals Survival Tactics

Finals are coming up, and that means your residents are going to be busy, busy, busy!  Make their lives a little bit easier with some finals inspired events and treats.
  • Finals necessities – you can do these individually or as grab bags.  Scan trons, pencils, chewing gum, mints, water.
  • Late nights breakfasts for a late night study break.
  • Pizza delivery – Dinner is on us tonight – keep studying!
  • Puppy/kitten snuggles.  Work with your local pet store, rescue center of vet school.
  • Make sure that your computer center is fully stocked with paper, ink, staplers, etc.
  • Hire tutors for certain subjects and have them available in 30 minute -1 hr increments.
  • Free shoulder/neck massages.
  • Breakfast grab bags every morning the the week of finals.
  • Adjust shuttle hours as needed where applicable.
  • Don’t have a study lounge? Turn the space you do have into one.
  • Study essentials – pen/pencils, highlighters, protein/granola bars, water, ear buds, notecards, stress balls, etc.
  • Share all of the events/services that the University and community has available during finals week.
Have you done some awesome finals events to help your residents, be sure to share them!  As always, if you do any Live Here Live Well event, make sure you snap some pictures and send them to so we can share them!
Finals Survival Tactics

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