The Reserve at Columbia Wins Again!

For the second month in a row, The Reserve at Columbia won the LHLW Program Of The Month (OTM) from EdR Residence Life! Check out how they turned Stress Free Finals Week into a success!

Their program, Stress Free Finals Week, was unique because it was a week long sequence of events to make resident’s lives easier during finals week. With May being Mental Health Awareness month, we really wanted to put a focus on finals week, one of the most stressful periods of time for all college students.

For the week, they featured the following for their residents:

1. A Finals Week Fuel Bar featuring healthy (and some sugary) snacks for residents to grab on their way to campus or back to their apartment after a long day of studying. Treats included Red Bull, yogurt, trail mix, raisins, candy bars, oatmeal, V8, sunflower seeds, string cheese, microwave popcorn, fruit, and more! The Fuel Bar was available all day, every day during finals week.
2. They purchased 100 Blue Books from the MU bookstore and had them available for residents to pick up for their final. This allowed them to spend more time studying by avoiding the long lines on campus!
3. They hired a local company (Life is Sweet Massage Therapy) to set up a station in the clubhouse for chair massages. Residents were able to sign up for a 10-15 minute massage to help them relax and get through the week.
4. Lastly, they partnered with the Text Book Game and allowed them to set up a book buyback station in the clubhouse. Residents were able to sell back their books from the convenience of the clubhouse, again bypassing the long lines on campus, which allowed them more time to study or pack up and head home for the summer.

Enter your event to win program OTM by clicking here.

The Reserve at Columbia Wins Again!

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