June Programming


As we gear up for Summer lets remind our residents to keep their skin, eyes, and body safe from overexposure by offering a sun smart event.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose a day in which you offer a sun station.  You can come up with a fun program name like “Don’t get Burned”.  The station can include small promo items to keep them sun safe (chapstick, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.)  Or you can have a “hydration station” offering items to keep them hydrated (bottles of water, lotion, sports drinks, etc) as they go out to have some much needed fun in the sun.
  • Your May Marketing Kit is attached.  It includes a social media image, constant contact image, flyer, and poster. The kit is editable.  You will need to type in the date and time of the event, the event details and change the website as indicated on each artwork file.

While we strongly encourage this event theme, if you already have another type of program planned that aligns with the LHLW  mission and the monthly theme, then feel free to pursue your own programming.  You will have to enter your own design requests and allow extra time for design turn around and proper marketing. Don’t forget to email pictures of your monthly programming along with any other ongoing LHLW initiatives to LivehereLivewell@edrtrust.com.

We look forward to seeing how you make this program your own!  You have been doing a great job showcasing this initiative.  Thank you!

June Programming

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