Pick Up The Tab This April!

The LHLW committee is excited to announce the second LHLW program.
In April we are going to Pick Up The Tab!  We will be collecting pop tabs from aluminum cans to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.  To learn more about what the Ronald McDonald house does in communities across the country follow this link:  http://www.rmhc.org/about-us.
Here’s what you need to do:
·         The marketing kit is attached for this program.  It includes social media images, a constant contact image, a flyer, and a poster. The poster and flyer contains edit fields soyou will need to change the information listed to include your property information and program deadline.  
·         Purchase a large container to collect the pop tabs from the residents – make it fun!  Personalize the container and add your property flare!  
·         At the end of the month contact your local Ronald McDonald location for donation instructions.  Find locations across the country here: http://www.rmhc.org/chapter-search
·         If there is not a local Ronald McDonald location, recycle the tabs and send the check to the home office.  Funds will be donated to the Memphis chapter.
·         Don’t forget to post a team picture as you pick up the tab and give back to your community.
Coming your way!
·         Brochure insert
·         Small LHLW stickers that can go on fruit in the office, packages, breakfast on the go bags, etc.
·         A banner to attach to the new style banner stand you received last fall with your renewal marketing kit.  We recommend displaying this banner on days that you have LHLW themed events.
·         Rectangular stickers to place in areas that go with LHLW.  For example, on the mirror in the gym or at a sun station that you have set up during the summer time. The options are endless!
·         LHLW pillow to be placed in your model or office
·         LHLW pens
LHLW Recap:
Social Media:  Once a week websites, articles, apps, informational materials, etc. will be automatically posted to your social media pages—nothing required on your end! All posts this month will focus on the program of the month.
Programming:  Each month the committee will provide a programming idea.  While we strongly encourage this event idea, if you already have another program planned that aligns with the LHLW mission and the monthly theme, then feel free to pursue your own programming.  You will have to enter your own design requests and allow extra time for design turn around and proper marketing.
Email pictures of your monthly programming along with any other ongoing LHLW initiatives to LivehereLivewell@edrtrust.com and post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  #LiveHereLiveWell 
Feel free to contact any member of the committee, or the email above, if you have any questions.  Committee members are Dawn Duckhorn, Hannah McEuen, Matt Sadler, Danny Hyche and Nicole O’Shields.
Pick Up The Tab This April!

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