March Programming

March is National Nutrition Month and here is what we have in store!

Social Media: Each week websites, stories, apps, information material, etc. will be automatically posted to your social media pages—nothing required on your end! All posts this month will focus on nutrition related topics.

Programming: As mentioned in the roll out email you received last week, each month the committee will provide a programming idea.  While we strongly encourage this event idea, if you already have another program planned that aligns with the Live Here Live Well mission and the monthly theme, then feel free to pursue your own programming.  You will have to enter your own design requests and allow for time in the turn around and proper marketing.

March Programming:  “Goodie Grab Bags”.  Here’s what you need to do:

  • Purchase small bags
  • Purchase healthy snack items like apples, granola bars, bananas, etc. (for this particular event, granola bars and apples are required since they are a large focus of the marketing design).
  • The design kit is attached for this program.  It includes a social media image, eblast image, flyer and poster. The kit is editable and you will need to change the property name, website, and date.  See screenshot below for the areas that will need to be changed.
  • You will receive stickers that you can use for this event as well as other ongoing LHLW initiatives.

o   Small LHLW sticker that can go directly on apples, bananas, etc.

o   Large LHLW sticker that can go on the bags


March Programming

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